luni, 22 februarie 2010

Deci, vrei sa fii un programator?

In lunga mea documentare cu privire la proiectul de licenta am dat peste un "post" foarte dragut ce descrie "frumoasa" viata a programatorilor ... si citindu-l chiar am regasit descrierea unei zile din viata unor colege de lucru ;))
Personal, cel mai mult mi-a placut partea aceasta:

Code monkeys will come at your code while you sleep, things that have been working before you go to sleep will suddenly stop working. At times you won’t even know where the error is. And you will be forced to waddle through the code from the beginning. At times your codes will have ideas of their own, different from what you intended. You will be frustrated at times. You will spend the better part of your life not developing applications like Monster Truck, or GMail, or Facebook. The better part of your programming life will be spent writing, testing and debugging codes that may never make it out of your box. If you are lucky, you might have one project that will be widely used.

Pentru tot articolul intrati aici ...

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